Thursday, November 17, 2016

Christian Formation among Children and Teens at Holy Trinity

Dear Family and Friends of Holy Trinity:

I am very grateful and excited about those who have recently joined the teaching ranks of our children and teens.

Sunday School- The teachers are now Nancy Hartley, Margaret Williams and Diane Havird.  Sunday School follows the 10 am service each Sunday from 12:40 am to 12:15 pm.

Wednesday Children’s Gathering- Betty Croy has taken this on.  This takes place on Wednesday evenings beginning with supper and worship with the adults at 6 pm.  This time includes both teachings and fun activities for the children.

Children’s Church- Doris O’Neil, Amy Hane and Tracy Perdue have had this wonderful program 0n-going for several years now .  Children’s Church takes place during the 10 am Sunday service.  Our children step out of the main service to briefly have their own worship, readings and study and return to their parents for Holy Communion.

Nursery- Our nursery director is Kimber Nault.  The nursery is available Sundays during the main service and during the Sunday School time that follows worship.  Nursery is also available Wednesday evenings.  The nursery is for children ages 0 through 3.

Trinity Teens- The teens are led by Jason Nault and meet in the Teen Room after the 10 am service on Sundays.

I want to thank these teachers for their ministry to our children and teens.  I encourage all you parents to bring your children and grandchildren to these programs and allow them to benefit from what these teachers are offering to our children.

Blessings to you all,

Father Rob

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