Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Update on worldwide Anglicanism and the Anglican Church in North America

Dear Family and Friends of Holy Trinity,

     This Wednesday evening (tonight, Apr 19) I will present an update on what is going on in the Anglican Church, both worldwide and locally.   Some have expressed an interest in this, particularly with the recent affiliation of the of The Diocese of SC with our particular Anglican province (the ACNA).

    Four topics will be covered night:

·         Where we are in world-wide Anglicanism

·         The GAFCON Movement.

·         The Anglican diaspora in North America, and the coalescing of dispersed Anglicans under the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA).

·          The Diocese of the Carolinas’ (our diocese’s) recent merger with the churches in the Carolinas that had been under the Anglican Province of Rwanda.

·         And finally, a discussion on The Diocese of South Carolina (not to be confused with our diocese, The Diocese of the Carolinas) and DOSC’s recent affiliation with the ACNA.

    I will be using a PowerPoint presentation and other handouts. For those who will not be unable to make it Wednesday evening, I will be glad to email this material to you if you are interested; just let me know,

    By the way, the overarching contemporary issue that is driving all of this centers around questions of the timeless authority of Scripture and the uniqueness of Jesus.  Other Protestant denominations in the developed countries of the West struggle with the same heresy; therefore, much of what I will share applies to many of our sister denominations as well.    
    I hope to see you tonight.

Father Rob

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Holy Week at Holy Trinity

Dear Family and Friends of Holy Trinity,
This is a very significant week in the church year as we move toward Easter Sunday, which is this coming Sunday.  In preparation, we will not have our usual Wednesday supper and study; instead, we have services on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and The Great Vigil on Saturday.  These services together are known as the Triduum- the sacred three days and form a single liturgy in three parts.  Everyone is encouraged to participate, particularly if you have not been a part of the Triduum before.  It will surely bless you.
        Additionally, we will walk the Stations of the Cross together at noon on Good Friday, and following the Great Vigil on Saturday evening, we will have an “Agape Feast.”  Bring your favorite finger food.

        I look forward to worshipping with all of you this week.


Father Rob