Saturday, February 10, 2018

Finding Focus- A Lenten Exploration for Teens and Young Adults

For the Teens and Young Adults of Holy Trinity

“Finding Focus”- A Lenten Exploration

 In this Season of Lent, you are invited to explore a topic relevant to all of us, both young and old- that of finding our Focus in life.  The leader for your journey is Pastor Patrick Darnell.  The journey begins the First Sunday of Lent, February 18, during the Sunday School hour following the 10 am service.  Some of you have friends whom you may want to invite to join us.  They are more than welcome.
Please let Fr. Rob or Pastor Patrick know that you plan to join us.  

Here is the road map Pastor Patrick has given us for the journey:

Week One:  The Meaning of Life:  What is the Focus of Your Life?  In this first week we will look at a very basic truth of Christianity -- that life isn't really all about us.  Finding focus in a cluttered world is difficult.  If we are going to have clarity, then we are going to need something as a starting point that helps us understand everything else.  The secret to finding focus is knowing that it's not about you, True Life centers on God.

Week Two:  The Meaning of Happiness:  What Does It Mean to be Fulfilled?  We live in an instant-gratification world.  It seems that everything these days in "On Demand", from entertainment, to food, to relationships.  Even more incredible is that we can have almost anything we want, and as much of it as we want!  So... why don't we ever feel satisfied?  No matter how much we fill our lives with things that make us happy, seldom do we truly feel fulfilled.  Maybe we are filling our lives with the wrong stuff.

Week Three:  The Meaning of Discipline:  What Kind of Life Are You Creating?  There are a lot of things that have influence in our lives.  Our friends, parents, pop culture, social media, and thousands of other messages are fed to us every day.  The world never ceases telling us who it wants us to be.   But what about you?  Living life to the full requires discipline.  Discipline simply means taking control of your life.  

 Week Four:  The Meaning of Direction:  Where Are You Heading?  Discipline is the fine art of controlling small actions to make a big impact.  It's like an artist carving marble or wood.  Direction is different, it doesn't ask who we are, it asks where we are going.   So, what do you really want to do with your life?  Where are you heading and what are you doing to get there?

Week Five:  The Meaning of Eternity:  Heaven, Hell, Death and Easter   For just a moment, forget all of what you have been told about Heaven and Hell.  We are going to get down to the basics of where we will spend eternity and why.  It might not be what you think.  Hold on tight, because Easter is about to change everything, forever...

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Teen / Young Adult Lenten Program - "Finding Focus"

The Season of Lent is upon us.  This means that Easter, the very pinnacle of the Church Year, is not far behind.  Our Teens and Young Adults are invited to take a journey through this season by exploring together a topic relevant to all of us, both young and old- that of finding our Focus in life.  The leader for of this journey is Pastor Patrick Darnell.  The journey begins Sunday following the 10 am service, February 18, during the Sunday School hour.  Some of our young people may have friends whom they want to invite to join in on this journey. Others may be interested also.  All are welcome. You can sign up by email (, text or phone (803-341-0075)