Friday, May 23, 2014

A Vision for Youth Ministry at Holy Trinity

Building up the youth and young adult ministries in our parish family is a stated priority for us.  The Lord has given us what we need to do this, such as strong, committed youth leadership in the ministries of Laura, Amber and Mark.  He has also given us a wonderful facility in which to do youth ministry.  The vestry is considering renovating some of our unused space for a teen room.  The vision is to create space the teens can consider their own and where they can invite friends to joins them in their church.  The room will allow us to grow the youth ministry to several dozen teenagers over the next few years.

A vision for youth ministry at Holy Trinity is articulated well in Steven Gerber’s book, The Fabric of Faithfulness.  You can find several copies in our library.  Youth ministry should give young people a place to explore both life and Faith.  It should introduce  them  to  what we know as  the  “Christian Worldview” (Christian understanding of Life and its meaning) for which our culture is offering very sobering alternatives.  Since a worldview is the foundation for living, we should support our young people in finding a Christ-centered way of life and in claiming the Christian worldview as their own. 
 Additionally, youth ministry should answer questions such as…
         What does it mean to be made in the image of God?
        What do I believe about the world? Why do I believe it?
        How do I understand my place in the world?
        How do I connect what I believe with the way I live?
        What does it mean for me to live a “life of integrity?”
        How do I discover the right friends and mentors?
        How do I immerse myself in a supportive community?
        How do I passionately live for the sake of the Kingdom?
       How do I continue to grow in my discipleship of Christ?

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  1. And what an amazing Youth Group this is! I don't know of any other Youth Group that supports missionaries by themselves! What y'all are doing is SO right and SO pleasing to the Lord! You are such a blessing to us.