Friday, September 20, 2013

Holy Trinity as a Community of Grace

Grace is the unearned favor of God showered upon us and our lives.  Grace is God dealing with us not on our worthiness or merit, but on our needs, simply because we are the objects of His unconditional   love.  In God’s Church, this is the foundation  upon which the “Kingdom of God” is being built among us and within us.  Holy Trinity, as an outpost of the Kingdom of God, is therefore called to become a “Community of Grace,” dispensing the same God-like grace, compassion, care and unconditional love.

We who are tainted by sin and the ways of this world live according to our fallen human nature rather than as dispensers of God’s grace.  We find that for fallen humanity being a grace-filled community does not come naturally.  It does, however, come supernaturally, thanks be to God!  The gift of being dispensers of God’s grace comes through the inner working of the Spirit of God in us individually and in our community.  It is God who makes us a Community of Grace.  We are the recipient of God’s grace and therefore called to be an instrument through which that grace is extended to others. 

What does being a Community of Grace look like?
·      It is a place of unconditional love where people can be invited in just as they are…

·      A place where sinners can find forgiveness, sanctification and transformation.

·      A place that is a sanctuary for the broken-hearted, the traumatized and the spiritually wounded.

·      A workplace of the Holy Spirit and a crucible for growth and healing.

·      A community from which God’s Truth about life is taught, modeled and shared with the world. 

·      A people learning to be loving and gracious because we were first showered with God’s love and grace.

Fr. Rob+

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