Monday, June 13, 2011

Stump the Priest: Question 2: Since Jesus is fully God, why did He submit Himself to the Father?

View ImageThe Incarnation (God becoming man [Jesus] and dwelling among us… “God Emmanuel”) is one of the wonder-filled mysteries of God’s Revelation of Himself to us.   It is a mystery because in our limited human understanding we are not able to fully comprehend it.  The Trinity (One God revealed in three Persons) is another such mystery, and again, in our limited humanness, we cannot comprehend how one person of the Trinity will interact with another person of the Trinity.  It is here that this question leads us.

The answer lies in the fact that Jesus was not only fully God, he was at the same time fully human.  In fact, Jesus was perfectly human, the new model for a new humanity, the New Adam as Paul says, a new humanity perfectly submitted to the Creator Father.  In short, Jesus in his perfect humanity was perfectly submitted to God.

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