Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Do We Respond to Others in Depression?

Ø  The message to the depressed is, ‘You are not alone.’

Ø  Understand, accept, affirm and love... Romans 8:1

Ø  Help the person think and perceive accurately.

Ø  Be with, listen and empathize “Suffering is not a journey to be taken alone.”

Ø  Be a source of strength, faith, trust and hope to others when they are unable to be this for themselves.

Ø  Cushion the depressed person with ‘persevering love’ (Depression, A Stubborn Darkness, Edward T. Welsh), loving and caring even when someone is unable to love and care in return.  Plan to love regardless.

Ø  Partner with the person in their healing and to persevere in that partnership.

Ø  Affirm them in their identity as a beloved child of God.

Ø  Challenge self-defeating interpretations of reality about themselves, others and God.

Ø  Be an instrument for instilling structure and meaning in his or her life.

Ø  Affirm that they are valued and needed.  Affirm their gifts and competencies.

Ø  Foster thankfulness and joy.

Ø  Assure them that God’s grace has the last word in everything, including their struggle with depression.

 Good reads are Edward T. Welsh referenced above and Neil T. Anderson, Overcoming Depression

I invite your insights.  If you are willing, share your experience as a person struggling with depression or as one who has come alongside another who is dealing with depression.

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