Saturday, September 19, 2015

A weekend of Celebration- You're invited

The Bishop’s Visit
Renewing, Confirming and Reaffirming Our Baptismal Vows
The Bishop’s visit (Sunday, Sept. 20) provides us with the opportunity to receive the laying on of hands and prayers for the infilling of the Holy Spirit by our bishop.  Bishop Steve, like most bishops throughout God’s Church, is in an unbroken line of bishops who carry the mantle of the Apostles, having themselves received the laying on of hands and prayers by preceding bishops dating all the way back to the Apostles.  In the Church, this has come to be known as Apostolic Succession. It is a powerful symbol of the apostolicity of the Church; that is, it stresses our fidelity to the teachings and witness of the Apostles as handed down to us and as codified in Holy Scripture.
Back Yard Drop-In and Pool Party at the Hartley’s
Saturday, September 19 beginning at 4:00 pm
… in honor of our newcomers to our church family, our Confirmands and our Bishop who is with us for the weekend.  For those who would enjoy swimming, be sure to wear your bathing suite.   Bring your favorite snack to share.
Covered Dish Celebration Luncheon
following the service, Sunday Sept. 20

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