Friday, June 10, 2011

"Stump the Priest" questions for the July 10 covered-dish

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The usual 2nd Sunday covered-dish supper in July (July 10 at 5:30 pm) will be "Stump the Priest' night.  Below are the questions received so far.  They are excellent questions,  Some of them are complex and deep.  We could easily spend many hours on some of these topics.

So, what we are going to do, using this blog, is answer some of the questions in advance of the big night.  This gives you the chance to do two things: First, it allows you to digest the question and answer in advance of our discussion; and secondly, it allows you to provide input in the form of comments or perhaps additional quaestions.  After all, why should your clergy have all the fun?  Answers will be coming in separate blog postings, but here is the list of questions we have been asked to address:

1.      Where in the Bible does it say I can be a policeman or in the military?

2.      Since Jesus is fully God, why did He submit Himself to the Father?

3.      I’m not sure I hear God speaking to me.  How do I listen for God’s voice?

4.      Why would God object to two people having sex if they really love each other?

5.      Why do we pray for the dead in our liturgy?                                                           

6.      Was Abraham a henotheist rather than a monotheist before his encounter with Melchizedek?   (Wouldn’t you like to know who asked this question?)

7.      How about Pilot’s question, “What is Truth?”
8.      If someone commits suicide, are they going to hell?

9.      (These two questions belong together)
o   The Bible says to turn the other cheek and to forgive 70x7; so, if you are in a abusive relationship, how many times do you turn the other cheek before you do something about it?

o   I had a therapist tell me the best thing I could do for myself is stay away from someone who was not a good influence in my life.  I love that person but avoid involving them in my life because I know it would cause problems for me.  How does God feel about this?

10.  Why are some denominations against female priests? Is this backed up scripturally? Is it mans law or Gods law?           

11.   Questions about the End Times:
o   The Bible says the dead will rise at the 2nd coming of Christ. So why do so many people on their death bed see “The other side” or a loved one come to meet them, etc?
o   Are the battles talked about in the End Times real physical battles?

12.  What is the difference between Episcopalians and Anglicans?

13.  Why do we make the sign of the Croos and when?  Additionally, why do we bow to the Cross?

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